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Subtle Evolution


Lisa Abbott established Subtle Warrior Self Defense a in 2004. Training in a traditional martial art began twenty-two years prior. After realizing that the martial arts were incomplete when it came to self defense, she sought out answers, and specializing in Self Defense became the the focus.  

Weapons competition 1989


Signing up for Karate at the local community college in 1982, was the starting point.  Lisa's martial art training was a comprehensive combination with the root being Kyokushin. 

My senior ranks 1996

Enjoy the current photos for now.
Wells Dojo - Circa 1996

The Wells Dojo served the small community for a decade. The system was a combination of five styles the founder studied. It was very comprehensive with contact sparring, grappling, throws and weapons. 

Santa Fe, NM 2003


Summers spent working and studying at Upaya Zen Center with Roshi Joan Halifax. 

Phil Messina 2010


Lisa got her personal defense instructor certification from Phil Messina of Modern Warrior Defensive Tactics Institute©.  

Personal Defense Educator


Teaching a seminars at at the Wells Studio and practicing eye jabs on TJ.   [circa 2006]

What's with all this training!!

Vio Dy Crew 2018


Current expeditions include trips to  Lisa's travels to Minnesota for a yearly Violence Vacation with the Violence Dynamics Crew. 

Girls camp 2019


Learning personal safety in the outback of the Nevada desert

Rory Miller 2010


After reading Meditations on Violence, the opportunity to train with Rory Miller for the first time was in Billing, MT.

tony Blauer - Las Vegas 2015


I've done a little bit with Tony, the first training was in California when he and Rory teamed up. Then I did a SPEAR weekend in Vegas. 

Traveling to train


Training with Rory Miller includes trips to places like Soja Mind Body in Berkley, CA and Idaho Martial Arts in Eagle, Idaho. 

traveled to teach


Guest instructing has been done at Female Self Defense Week at Modern Warrior© and for AWSDA in South Carolina in 2008.