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personal safety...

is an issue women think of often. No matter how vigilant, one must be as prepared as possible. 

Be prepared with relevant and fundamental training. 

The intention of self defense should be to give tools to be able to recognize how to deal with a situation before it goes physical with preventive and preemptive skills. If it does go physical, you will need the tools to shift from zero to "oh shit" in ambush time. 

Explore and learn about personal glitches, how and why of violence, what you may be targeted for, and what to expect afterwards. If a physical encounter is unavoidable, Subtle Warrior shares goal-oriented, reflexive skills that give the best chance of avoiding or overcoming an assault.

What is Self Defense

Personal defense is an emotional skill


Comprehending the perception of a threat, grasping personal ethics, overcoming social conditioning and facing fear and terror are vital components of self defense.

You Have An Absolute Right To Defend Yourself!


Self Defense is a legal term. Using force to defend comes with ramifications. Recognize the situation and respond to resolve it with a new perspective. 

Self defense is not martial art


Martial arts is fun and great for health and fitness. Self defense instruction must include the elements that give an understanding of how to avoid, what to expect and how to recover from ambush and assault.

Seminars and Workshops

Seminar 2017


Subtle Warrior Self Defense offers instruction through seminars and workshops.



The 4-hour 'Introduction to Self Defense' seminar consists  of lectures, skills building, discussion, play and drills. It gives a basic overview and understanding of self defense. 



Workshops offer a hands-on refinement of skills introduced in seminars and provides an opportunity to learn things that are not included in the seminar. 

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